This work is made of two LED panels. On one side, we see the times in three European cities (London, Paris and Berlin) that are also the three most important capitals in terms of the stock market. On the other side, on a two-line panel rotating on a loop, we see a sequence of different monetary values corresponding to different blood groups, which, in turn, are associated with different nationalities. Within each of these nationalities, the value reported is the same, regardless of the blood type in question. The value differs according to the nationality of the bearer, oscillating between a higher value, attributed to the citizens of the richest European countries, to lower or null values corresponding to citizens from poor European countries or non-European countries with high rates of immigration to Europe.

All of these values are false and fictional, given that, in theory, the blood of all human beings is worth the same regardless of their nationality (or gender, religion, social class, etc) and individual group.

Taking a subjective evaluation as his starting point, the artist seeks to draw attention to the discrimination to which many people are subjected due to their nationality, a phenomenon that causes many people to be classified as first or second-class citizens depending on their country of origin.